Sex with an ex??

Hello for my first blog I wanted to get in to the question that all us girls ask our self is ex sex ok or should we stay away?. Now abit later on I will be tellin my own experience of sex with an ex but for now I want to no how meny think it is ok and how meny of you think we should stay away?

So is ex sex good or bad?? For me iv had both bad and more bad the first of my bad experience was with the first love of my life (though now am not sure if it was love!! Or lust!! But hay ho ill get to that agen) Anyway as I was sayin I was young (very young) to young for that emotional shity bullahit baggage that comes with a relationship I was so loved up nothing else matterd no matter how much my lovely mother tried to stop us being with each other nothin could keep us apart I was the olny thing that matterd in his eyes (or so I fort) Then came the earth shattering heartbreaking truth that he had cheated on me and that’s when the awful break up sex back together sex and the ex sex started every time we had wax he wud tell me he loved me and he wanted to be with me then a few hours later is get the shity tx message explaining that he loves me but it’s just not goin to work my head was so messed up I turned in to a nigthmear for my poor mum and a completely pissed up druged up mess for my mates (at the time but that’s a different story) and that went on for a good 4 maybe 5 years well he had a steady girlfriend baby on the was I was a single mum to a beautifully boy (not his) all though I wasn’t druged up and pissed up nomore I still had all the emotional shit from him I just cudnt get him out my head I couldn’t move on I’d sit with my fone every night waitin for him to ring for the odd blow job.Some times he wouldn’t ring for months but boy when he did I would be ready dolled up and waitin for him to get there every time hope in he was goin to say how the past few years had been a huge mistake and he loved me and wanted to start agen and we would get married have kids and live happyliy ever after and you no what that never happend the olny thing that happend time after time year after year was me cryin into a big fat chocolate bar and crisps and any other food I could fill my fat depressed mouth with until finely one afternoon he rang and I did the quick make up on, hair done, fu fu shaved, arm pits shaved check list then waited and waited and waited then he finely came we headed straight up stairs he jumped on and instead if me pretending we was a happy couple it made me feel sick and from that moment I picked myself up and moved on.Now when I think of him I really don’t no why I was so hurt over him but there you go one of my story’s xxx