Why the secret princess

Some asked me the other day why is my blog email called the secret princess?

Here,s why

when i was much younger about 6 years old me an my best friend sara would play a game which we called the secret princess. Now i cant remember exactly how we used to play it but it went something like this                                                                                                 Sara would ALWAYS  be the princess (which i hated she never once let me me the princess) an i would always be the wicked step mother. Its really frustrating that i can hardly remember how we played it.

(mmmm how can i explain it) AHHHH i no


We loved to watch Cinderella so our game was based on that. That is why i called my blog email or name (i am still getting used to working this blog out so i cant really remember what it was that i called the secret princess) the secret princess cause i have always had that memory or us loving that game. Sara is my best friend we meet when we was in nursery from that first moment we became best friends all of my best memory’s are with her we have done so much together. (i will write some blogs soon of some of those memory’s) We now have our own kids who are just as close as me an her. We didnt have the best childhood both of our pearnts had problems but we had each other an we was always there for one another an still are to this day.

our friendship will never die it just gets stronger….