Alien Message to Mankind: “Do You Wish That We Show Up?”


    • Recognizing that we are one is not a new concept – spirituality is not of an age… spirit is not of spacetime. The illusion that matter is real of itself is a problem. As we become aware of energy, everything is energy and invisible to the physical senses, Being stuck unaware, there is no chance to develop the softer senses. There is no new age of spirituality outside of all knowledge – only perception that must change allows us to explore the truth that heaven is within.

      • yes, I realize that concepts such as “matter is illusion” is not at all a new concept, nor is the idea that “all is one”, etc. “New Age” spirituality is of course just a repackaging of ancient gnostic belief systems, which stem all the way back to Babylonia.

        One thing I know for sure, heaven ain’t “within”, bro. Changing our perception doesn’t turn us into gods of our own little universes either. Sooner or later, we all have to turn and face up to the ONE who created the physical, the spiritual, the matter, the ether, the senses, the heavens, the lower realms….

    • Some people believe God is the creator and the created, like myself and many Hindus. Others believe there is no God, like some Buddhists. Others believe there is one God and that he is separate from creation, like Christians. They are all different, but they all teach to love one another.

      I don’t believe in conscious life after death: when my brain is decayed so is this consciousness; some other faiths, like Judaism, believe that this is the only world there is and we can try to live as God wants us to and create a heaven on earth; and others, like Christians believe there is a physical place you go after death and you retain a similar body and mind, they are just invisible. Some people believe in no God at all.

      The problem isn’t beliefs, the problem is believing you are right and everyone else is wrong. You will never have any proof that one idea is right and the others are wrong in this lifetime. It is better to be non-judgmental of others so that they can find whatever path they should be on. It is not our place, as mortals, to judge one another’s beliefs if they cause no harm.

      • Hi, mindfulaide, I am not being “judgmental of others”, but yes, I am talking about there being a Truth that, by definition, is TRUE, and so by extension, the opposite ideas are logically untrue…

        If there is no way whatsoever of even being able to sift through the evidence in order to try and determine what the Truth actually is, then there really isn’t even much point in talking about it all, or even grabbing onto any given spiritual label, or speaking towards what kinds of “path a person should be on”. It all becomes pointless and meaningless, if there is no actual objective truth, and no way of determining what that objective truth might be. In fact, you would have no real basis for being able to explain what “causing harm” would even mean, since that would require a framework of morality, which itself would require a framework of belief (and consequent disbelief).

        I am very familiar with the various religions, spiritualities, philosophies, etc., common in the world today. Since there are a good many contradictions between many/most of them,The question remains, which one of them is actually True.

        I would say there is indeed an extensive amount of evidence, (on this side of eternity) to determine that the spirit beings who speak through various methods of meditation and altered-state experiences, are in fact Deceivers, Liars, and leading people AWAY from the Truth, not towards it. They always tell people that you can become “enlightened”, that you can become “god” in some form or another, but this is simply a lie. I do not say this to judge, or condemn, or make people feel bad, but on the contrary, because I care about people, such as yourself, and want to see them become truly free and whole….

      • It’s interesting to me because I’ve actually written a piece on this subject recently called “Fundamentals for Dreamwork”, which explores the idea of truth and objective reality. This is why I responded, because the subject has been on my mind.

        Science doesn’t give us a theory of objects, and such a theory is not needed to help evolution or survival along. Science gives us descriptions and categories. Because such theories of objects exist in the realm of ambiguity (i.e., two people arrive at different theories given the same experience) it actually doesn’t matter whom is right or wrong.

        Unless, of course, you believe someone will be punished for being wrong; however, in such a case you are deciding what is wrong in your own mind… which is judgement. There is no possible way for you to know which God is the true God apart from personal bias/preference and dogma. If a belief doesn’t harm someone (in terms of their safety) there is no reason to degrade it.

        I am basically arguing that trying to bring logic into the realm of spirituality is rather ridiculous. There is no way to prove ones beliefs on the matter being more correct, or more right, than another. Even people within the same traditions will have different interpretations of the same material. Instead of saying that what matters is figuring out which one is objectively true, (spirituality being completely subjective), you should be asking: “Why does this belief give the believer meaning?” :: “What parts of this work for me and what parts don’t work for my web of beliefs, and why?”

      • “spirituality being completely subjective…”

        The problem is that even you yourself do not fully believe or adhere to this statement, because again, if you did, you could say anything towards the issue of “not causing harm”.

        Who or what is to say that “causing harm”, or infringing upon someone else’s safety, is “wrong”, if “truth” is purely subjective…? Aren’t you then projecting your own personal bias/dogmas on others by preaching against the causation of “harm”..?

        How do you define the meaning of the word “work”, in terms of “what parts of this ‘work’ for me”, if there is no absolute truth or meaning…? Even if your attempt to dismiss the reality of logic and objective truth, you are yourself attempting to appeal to logic and objective truth. Even the very use of language and meaningful communication relies upon it.

        I can see that you undoubtedly have had a good deal of spiritual experience which is undoubtedly REAL, but experiences can be a rather deceptive standard themselves….

        I have decided “in my own mind”, anything regarding punishment, or right and wrong, I have listened to, and accepted, the pronouncements of right and wrong as coming from God of the Bible, and according to HIM (not myself) there indeed a great deal of harm that results from people rejecting Him and embracing alternate (false) belief systems.

        But again, that is the only case if the God of the Bible really exists, and really knows what He’s talking about… 😉

      • I do believe it. 🙂

        I think that “not causing harm” is generally something that all humans have come to be on the same page on, for the most part. Mainly that in order for a social species to continue to survive we must rely on one another for our personal safety. Being killed, or maimed, is pretty anti-social for any primate.

        Asking “What part of this works for me” suggests that you have a subjective truth, not that there is an objective truth that we all accept.

        It’s okay that we aren’t all believing in your God, because no one else can actually know what is in your mind, or see through your eyes, or feel with your heart: experiences which are real to you. This author has different experiences, but that is okay and we should be open and kind enough to accept these beliefs as existing in the universe as true for someone. It doesn’t matter if it is true to you or not.

        I acknowledge that you have accepted some writings, written by men thousands of years ago. You accept them as true and don’t think that these men lied. You have accepted this for no other reason beyond having read them, and deciding you agree with what they say. The Bible exists, as words on paper, written by men, and agreed upon during The First Council of Nicaea. it is a nice book.. rather violent and uncaring in parts, but all myths can be that way.

        Such is life, my dear, you wish to save me from a place you may call hell; however, I refuse to acknowledge the possibility of such a place existing for anyone, beyond one of their own making. Especially since the idea of hell was invented when the Bible was translated into English: the word “Hades” became “hell”. Hades was actually a place where good and bad people went, it wasn’t bad at all. 🙂

      • “…you have accepted some writings, written by men thousands of years ago. You accept them as true and don’t think that these men lied. You have accepted this for no other reason beyond having read them, and deciding you agree with what they say.”

        Now you are making some rather large assumptions, don’t you think? I have in fact had a fair amount of my own personal, direct experiences with the spiritual realm, and the beings therein, not to mention my entire life experience in the “natural realms”, so there is a great deal more to it all than simply reading it and “choosing to believe it” on some purely intellectual level.

        “you wish to save me from a place you may call hell; however, I refuse to acknowledge the possibility of such a place existing for anyone, beyond one of their own making….”

        Indeed. And here you are, making a statement which to me sounds very much like an assertion of your personal conclusions as the objective nature of reality (yet I thought you said we couldn’t know such things..?)

        Your comment though about hell/hades is a bit of a misrepresentation I’m afraid, in that yes, there is both overlap, and disctinctions between the two words/concepts.

        Personally I would just say that the notion of the “pit” or the Abyss goes back way, way before the English language, or even the New Testament, all the way back to being found in things like the Book of Enoch, which interestingly enough, has a lot to say about spirit realms and beings, and the kind of influence they have had (and still are having) on this world…

        Contrary to what the “ascended masters” teach, we do not have the power to shape reality to fit what we would prefer to it be. They would like to think so, but they will all stand before the Throne one day as well….

      • I don’t mean to make assumptions about your beliefs, I thought you were pointing out that you were Christian by referencing the Bible. There’s specific dogma for people that subscribe to that belief. I will meditate on it more. I have simply been trying to point out to you that what you experience is not what everyone else does, your reality is not The reality. C’est la vie as to whether the point be considered.

        As for the rest, I do thank you for taking interest in my soul and where I end up. I recognize that it comes out of concern for me as a person, and I am grateful for it. I too hope that in death you will pass through Bardo easily and find peace. 🙂

      • well yes, I was referencing the Bible, and I am a Christian, but my point was that I didn’t just read the Bible and blindly decide to just believe it without questioning it, and many other belief systems, very thoroughly, for many years. (and the questioning never really stops…)

        But I’m glad that at least I didn’t manage to totally infuriate you, I confess I can sometimes get unduly “combative” when talking to people online, but in the end, yes, I belive that Truth matters, because PEOPLE matter, you matter. You are precious, and priceless, in God’s eyes, and created to be the kind and intelligent soul that you clearly are. I will tell you that though I am a Christian, in the last few years I have been compelled to accept a number of rather ominous realities about the world we are living, which even most Christians are not willing to consider….

        As I write this right now in fact, I am listening to a woman named Carolyn Hamlett talking about her involvment in all kinds of “out there” projects and groups, as someone who was raised from a young age to be able to astral travel and other things, and for years she considered herself to be a “light worker”, yet as an adult finally realized that the network of humans and spirits she was involved with were all serving Lucifer, the fallen one, the deceiver of the world, and now she too has overcome a great deal of trauma and abuse in her life, being healed and renewed through faith in Jesus. Anyways, her story is pretty amazing, and so yes, I know there a lots of different kinds of experiences, and I know that a good deal of it is much more “real” than most people out there are willing to accept. I’m sure a lot of people would have a hard time accepting some of the experiences you yourself have had, but I think I would actually be a lot less dismissive of them than you might think. I wish you peace as well.

  1. I can’t find the writing, only the title, for some strange reason. However, the statement would never be true. They aren’t benevolent and they aren’t here to study us, or to learn anything. They have their own agenda, and they aren’t on our Father’s side of things.They follow the evil ones. I agree also that “New Age” Spirituality is something different- this is a matter of personal growth that each of us has to take by himself.

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    I do not belive in god in the bible in fact I have read the bible and I feel that he is mean he wants people to fear him, also its the fact that the world is full of hate kids are being abused, awfull things are happing!! God stands by and dose nothing. Not once have any of my preys been answered. I do belive in a higher force I think of us as enrgy. I’m on a path at the moment I’m working thought different things working out my beliefs. This is just my opinion I respect others beliefs x

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