I hate the world we live in today

I do not  trust the government any of them they are The ones causing this horrid war. I don’t no why they feel the need to get involved in others affairs.
I wish we could all live in peach with love in our heart’s
There is to much hate


  1. It’s all about education. Mandela once said “No one is born hating another person because of the color of his skin, or his background, or his religion. People must learn to hate, and if they can learn to hate, they can be taught to love, for love comes more naturally to the human heart than its opposite”. If the de facto state of education (whether it be at a school, a church, a mosque or down the pub), is to teach negativity (greed, elitism, conservatism and capitalism), then there is nothing down for us. How do we break the mould of bad education of a system that’s so far gone. Clearly evolution hasn’t worked. Maybe revolution will at some point. A revolution for the good of humanity. Fingers crossed…

    • Yes you are right. I do believe that it is the government causing this like the 9.11 I believe they did that so they could cause the conflict for war.
      I am not a religious person in fact I dint believeing God what God would sit by an let all th is awful stuff go on I hope I don’t upset anyone by saying that just cause I don’t believe I still respect other peoples believes.
      I teach my children to love everyone an everything no matters what God they believe in or what colour they are poor or rich my want to bring my children up to show love , kindness respectfulNess
      Why is there so much hate I wish I could do something
      As I don’t believe in a God I pray to what I think of as a energy source an I try to spread love positive energy as I really believe if we all started to show love an be positive the world wwould be a better place but I suppose that won’t happen when we have a corrupt government x

      • I feel exactly the same and bring up my kids with love and positivity. It’s wise to vote for those that truly represent our views, that preach for global change and love for all not the self. Voting for the other lot because the current lot are corrupt doesn’t work either as the main parties are all the same these days. When we vote, we should vote for real change, and not just another version of what we have today.

        If we do that, and exude positive vibes to those around us and beyond, then at least we can say we are making a difference 😀

  2. Oh, Honey, you are so right. Love has been so vandalized and pushed so far away so that those who have the ability can squeeze us (or at least try) into their tiny airless boxes where only the way they demand us to be is reality. Oh no! I refuse to bend to these alien beings who know only greed and death. I will live in Peace, in Love, in Harmony with this planet that I have come to Love. And so I shall for the rest of my life! Love, Amy

  3. I read somewhere that as long as there are slaughterhouses there will be war. No matter where you stand on eating meat, it is easy to see what the writer was trying to say. To change our external environment we must change ourselves first and then these effects will be afforded to the world. We hear this advice time and time again but that doesn’t make it any easier to do. The way I’m trying to think is that if I am mindful of the effects of my actions, both of what I’m doing and not doing, I can affect others positively which will exponentially grow as each new person is kind to the next. Once again this is common advice in our society but putting it in practice is still very beneficial. I know that I can’t change the dehumanization of society by the people that make up our government and corporations by attacking them. I must see that they are no different than me and that hopefully any small acts of kindness will resonate until these that greatly harm society will feel the touch of unconditional love and hopefully become mindful of their own actions. In this way, it seems as if my mindfulness could instigate the mindfulness of those who hold earthly power. I’m completely with everyone commenting on this page. The abuse of earth and human beings by those who are led blindly by power and money anger me greatly. How can someone hurt so many in the pursuit of their own hubris? Once again I return to the fact that I can only create greater good by allowing kindness to flow to all in my own microcosm. Being good to those who don’t deserve it is the greatest gift of all because in this realization, a person’s heart could be softened. Sorry for the long comment but I really liked everyone’s comments and find this topic very interesting. Thanks to everyone for their great insights!

  4. You hit the nail on the head…now we have Ebola, let’s send 4000 Americans. Keep allowing passengers from affected countries in daily and put the sick in any hospital near by…if they don’t grow a set we will be in a full blown pandemic …better buy some e-books to read while your bleeding to death from every orifice!!!

  5. I am with you!!!! I hate our world! Our government rapes us and our children. There is no privacy anymore and our every moves are recorded. From simple comments online, facebook, calls, texts and emails, nothing we do is ours!! We are like guinea pigs to our government or lab rats. I had no idea until about 2 years ago how bad this really was.

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  7. Christian believers are in the world but not of the world. So set apart by God to do His works to influence the world. The secular world needs GOD’S LOVE and GOD’S PEACE which passes all human understanding. There will never be TRUE PEACE until THE PRINCE OF PEACE CHRIST JESUS RETURNS TO RESTORE PEACE ON EARTH!!! The governments are fulfilling Bible prophecy towards Armageddon for the final ultimate battle to destroy satan’s control of earth. The Good News is the Christian believers win in the end. Hold onto GOD in HOPE in Jesus Name.

  8. Thank you for following my Horror/Noir film site! (silverscreenshadowplay.wordpress.com) I endorse what your doing on your site. To think for yourself and appreciate the value other people’s opinions that differ from your own. It’s a good thing! Try to keep a open mind to life’s possibilities you could very well miss something amazing!

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