spirit struck

Ever since we have bought our home I have been fine with the activity around us but my husband hasn’t. I have mentioned before I asked my husband if he could stay here….I told him if he was that uncomfortable I would sell and move, my first priority is to my husband however after finding 2 different homes and having offers accepted one after the other even with it being a cash purchase…both had “cloudy” titles meaning they couldn’t guarantee there were no liens. We waited about 4 months for H.U.D. to clear the title and we decided to go ahead and stay….at this point we are done with the rehab. and are financially committed to this home.
I don’t know why my husband seems to be a target…I have not had any negative experiences but my husband has. I do have a picture of one of the incidents he…

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  1. Hey there….thanks for your posting…my poor husband he is the angels demons kind of guy….I think that’s why he gets negative attention….with him there is no in between, I have no problems I consider our house “dimentionally challenged” lol…..those scratches he got are odd I dont see how they could have happened naturally.

  2. Hi there.
    To my knowledge, the scratches on the photo resemble the “Eagle or Crescent of Jupiter” (which is the symbol of that planet).

    Jupiter can represent the spiritual that takes over the matter.

    Nevertheless I don’t see it as menacious.

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