On Death

Christopher S. Malone

No, this is not as morbid as you think. No, you should not be concerned about my well-being. Proof: there is talk about a hunted penis.


In regard to the cusp of my so-called returning to the WordPress world, while trying to catch up on everyone’s backdated posts — mayhaps it would be wise to just live in the present and catch up time-to-time, which would be easy since all the posts are all in the month of June — one of Jennie’s posts, the one about a haunted library, grabbed my attention.

She replied to my comment, and she made a reference to How I Met Your Mother and Lily’s claiming that she would come back and haunt Marshall’s penis. No way in hell is this immature, because it’s a legitimate and clutch reference. It got me laughing and still laughing. However, the noisy Syracuse University students…

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1 Comment

  1. Read the entire post…you appear to me as a well rounded…well spoken…open minded person …thanks for the tip , I think I will tell my husband if I die first I will haunt his penis…he all ready verbatim thinks I am
    A. A goofball
    C. Verbally uncontrollable… I frequently shout out inappropriate comments

    And finally
    C. That’s why he loves me.

    Thanks for the laugh I needed it

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