Is this the man of your dreams

Have you ever seen this man before…. in your dreams?
I read this story in a mag yesterday and I found it very interesting the story goes.

Back in 2006 a psychiatrist who specialises in recurring dreams was treating a lady in the dream she claimed that she always met the same man NOW this man she has never seen before in real life. The psychiatrist asked her if she could draw him for her so she did.
The dream person had a broad face, thick eyebrows, receding dark hair and a wide mouth.
At the end of the session the psychiatrist left the picture on his deck a few days later he was seeing a man who also had recurring dreams the man spoted the picture and claimed he new the man from his dreams bit also didnt recognise him from real life. After the session ended the psychiatrist copyed the picture an passed it on to his colleagues an othet psychiatrists across America.
When they showed there patients the man  many of them recognised him.
The people who dreamt about him all called him this man so thats now what he is called .
Since 2006 nearly 2,000 people have claimed to have dreams about him most of them say they are positive dreams.
One lady wrote:
In the dream he pointes me in the direction away from the fire.
Another wrote:
He juat stared at me for a ling time then asked how old I was I told him then he went.
Some claim that the dreams are also romantic.
A women wrote about her dream:
He byes me flowers takes me out for meals
A man wrote:
I have never had any homosexual feelings but  we have sex in this dream hes very good an he pleases me.
Not all the drrams are good though soom claim that  he kills them or kills people they love.
So who is this man?
Some people say he is god  he apoears in peoplea dreams to advise them. Others say he is a dream surfer  which has lead to wild conspiracy theories that he is part of  a government body being sent to dreams to control how to think an feel others think tgat it is purely juat a Internet hoax ..
Who ever he maybe u guess we will never no.



  1. I think this concept is pretty damn amazing and needs to be understood for what it simply is. It is an unknown phenomenon. A spiritual multi – connection. There is a reason but maybe we aren’t ready for it. We need to develop our minds further first. Personally I also think that the ‘man’ may be in different forms if we were to gel with the theory. We are all multifaceted beings and have varied and diverse perspectives. 🙂

  2. Several years ago, I had a man who just seemed to walk thru my dreams. He never spoke or touched me, he just wandered thru wearing the same suit. Finally, he wandered thru one and I woke up and asked my Spirit Guides who it was. It turned out that he had been appointed by Father to observe my dreams. Once I knew about him, he stopped. I’m not sure why he put himself in the picture, but I miss him lol By the way, we all have Spirit Guides in Heaven and Spirit Guardians here on Earth If that guy (The picture) showed up, I think I’d trim his monkey eye brows lol

  3. I don’t know how open you are to the idea of other people , other cultures living on planets all over the universe., but I am told that this is true. Some who live on very cold planets may have facial hair , that looks like what we would call hirustism. They would look a bit like “wolfman”. all over. When they intermarry with hairless people like most of us, a man with these features can result. If he visits you in your dream, try asking him where he is from, you might just be surprized. !

    • Bingo! We do go to the astral plane when we sleep. It is a plane of existence, not simply chemical activity of our brains, according to my Spirit Guides. Father and our Spirit Guides can go into our dreams or even give us dreams. Unfortunately, so can the evil ones. Violent dreams or evil unsettling dreams usually fall into that catagory.

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