Talking To Your (Small) Kids About Easter

Thanks for this podt . I am going to sit with my kids on good Friday and tell them this story my 10 year old will understand but my 3 year old will propley need a little more explaining. Thanks for inspiring me x

Matthew Ruttan

easter morning Last year I blogged about this very thing. So here it is again with a few tweaks:

How do we teach our children about the empty tomb without belittling it to spring-ish renewal and chocolate sugar highs?

I think Easter is trickier than Christmas. Why? Because there’s murder, death and a corpse that starts breathing again.

My kids are young, but these are the conversations I’m already having.  Maybe your kids are a bit older.  Either way, talking with them about Easter is important.

Here’s why:

You have to be the one to set the agenda for your family.

If we don’t talk to them about the real meaning of things, someone else will.

So how do you talk about Easter?

Before Sunday morning celebrations there is the darkness of death on Good Friday. (Called “Good” for various reasons—God did something “good” for us that day, yes, but the title is…

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