why am i scared

I am scared of everything and i mean everything ghost, bugs, the dark, zombies even thou there not real but i sometimes sit there an think what if zombies where here how would i protect my kids ha-ha silly i no but everything scares me. I  am the biggest wimp ever it drives me crazy. Me and my 3 kids live with my mum now and when she spends the night in her mums i am terrified i have lived in this house since i was a baby an ever since i can remember iv always been scared when i am alone its crazy and i don’t no why this house is home to me and it should be the safest place to me and it is when my mum is here its just when im alone.

When i was younger me and my best friend called Sara she always used to stay here we are still to this day like sister’s we first meet each other in nursery.

Anyway my mum would go out on a weekend and when she thought she could trust us to stay on our own she stopped getting a babysitter if we needed as if anything happened there was always one of our friends from next door who would phone mum

Anyway as i was saying once mum said she would trust us on our own we thought yes we have a house to our self we were about 13 or 14 we soon wished we had our babysitter back. When we were sat upstairs we could here banging down stairs or if we were down stairs we would here it up stairs it was so scary.

When i am alone in it now i don’t here the banging but i always feel like am not alone its so freaking scary my oldest son laughs his head off at me running up the stairs because i feel like someone is there watching me ha-ha come on Beth i mean i will be 27 years old next month ha-ha..


  1. Read about God, strength and balance. And you will find that there’s nothing to be scared about. We create these little fears and keep holding them hoping it would leave us. First of all it was never there. Second by hoping that it will go away we are only giving the fear more power. Thus making the fear strong. So let it go.

  2. I’ve just received notification from wordpress that you like my blog, at http://www.forevernearby.wordpress.com. Thank you very much for the compliment Indernik. I’ve only read the first entry on YOUR blog and am going to continue reading it through. But, first, I just had to comment that you sound very sweet, innocent and vulnerable. I’m very glad that you contacted me. I don’t want to say yet that I believe your mum’s house is haunted until I’ve read your other blog entries, too. I will do this now. I trust in God completely. Perhaps that’s the reason I’ve personally experienced nothing bad or negative in my ghost hunting adventures. If you have a strong faith in God, and trust that you are protected from evil, it can mean all the difference in the world. I will go on now to read more of your blogs . . .

    • Firstly thank you for all of your comments. I have been told my nan is here all the time she sits on my mums bed. I am really wanting to go down the spiritual path to find out if or what gifts I have as in think I do have some a example of that would be my dads flat he dose not live in it he and his wife live below he uses it to stuff stuff anyway its alfull up there the feelings I get when up there is just pure fear I am so scared even in the day time I won’t go up alone. I remember once when I was younger me and my dad slept up there as he fell out with my step mum we was sleeping when it was about 3 maybe 4 in the morning a big bang and smash woke us up we have both never jumped up out of bed so fast haha we found out that is was my dads big tall beer glass that I got him for fathers day now this glass was big and heavy it was far back on the unit it was the only thing that was smashed on the floor it was so scary. My mums sister was a healer and very psyich ( I no I have spelt that wrong hopefully you will no what I mean) so I think maybe its cause of her why I can feel things I don’t even understand what the feelings are it so strange the only thing that is stopping me looking it to it is fear xx

      • I doubt that there is a psychic around who didn’t begin realizing his/her gifts in the same way that you describe – myself, included! Keep doing all the research that you can on the subject of the paranormal and similar terms. (You can find some on my blog, http://www.forevernearby.wordpress.com.) I cannot highly enough recommend that you get the book, “Ghosts Among Us” by James VanPraagh. It sounds to me as though your grandmother was not only psychic (which gift you likely inherited from her) but it sounds as if she is right there with you! Consider yourself very blest! I cannot think of anyone who would make a better guardian angel! Warm regards, ~JC

  3. Don’t be embarrassed…. I am 51….have those kinds of fears since I was younger than you…my diagnosis… generalized anxiety disorder am on medication helps greatly…look up the symptoms online and see a doctor….as far as the house sounds my entire blog is about our haunted house…i am more afraid of the here an now than the activity in our house….take it easy your not crazy sounds like anxiety which can be treated…good luck

  4. Hello thank you for reading.
    Well firstly I suffer with wimpyness not anxiety haha I don’t feel anxiety about theses things just abut of fear which I’m fine with I have grown up with my mum an sister who have bad anxiety so if I fort I had it I would never be embarrassed there is nothin shamefully about it.
    I’m am goin to head to your blog now excited to read about your haunted house x

  5. Can i change the perspective a little? You mention you had a difficult childhood and fear can be born from insecure roots. It sounds like your friendship with Sara has provided a nurturing and amazing support to you both 🙂 As children we develop our psyche, our preferences and anxieties from both conditioning and learnt behaviour. Our response to situations is also fed as a child and either nurtured or amplified. Fear is an anxiety. Anxiety feeds self – esteem. This links with uncertainty and self questioning.
    As adults, we can self analyse our fears and relate them to our development. Security and stability are paramount in developing a child psyche.
    An example of this is….A fear of loneliness or abandonment as a child can lead to multiple conveyed fears as an adult. Take the concept of being afraid of the dark? As an adult we know there are no scary monsters and that it is safe, yet our child psyche becomes vulnerable and reacts to this situation.

    Just a different perspective 🙂

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