What do you see in the doorway?

It looks like an alien to me haha x

C.A.S.P.I.R. Paranormal Team

Taken at a recent investigation. These photos have not been altered at all and were taken within seconds of each other after a noise was heard coming from the area. The lens was clean, no fans running, and HVAC system turned off. What do you see?



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  1. I see a white mist in photograph #1. Glad to know these were photographs that you re-blogged and not photos you took at your mum’s. As long as photo #1 has been de-bunked, the white mist indicates a paranormal presence. (If I were to have to choose between a white or a black mist, I would much rather encounter a white mist/presence. A black mist is much more than likely to indicate a presence that is “bad”.)

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