why am i scared

I am scared of everything and i mean everything ghost, bugs, the dark, zombies even thou there not real but i sometimes sit there an think what if zombies where here how would i protect my kids ha-ha silly i no but everything scares me. I  am the biggest wimp ever it drives me crazy. Me and my 3 kids live with my mum now and when she spends the night in her mums i am terrified i have lived in this house since i was a baby an ever since i can remember iv always been scared when i am alone its crazy and i don’t no why this house is home to me and it should be the safest place to me and it is when my mum is here its just when im alone.

When i was younger me and my best friend called Sara she always used to stay here we are still to this day like sister’s we first meet each other in nursery.

Anyway my mum would go out on a weekend and when she thought she could trust us to stay on our own she stopped getting a babysitter if we needed as if anything happened there was always one of our friends from next door who would phone mum

Anyway as i was saying once mum said she would trust us on our own we thought yes we have a house to our self we were about 13 or 14 we soon wished we had our babysitter back. When we were sat upstairs we could here banging down stairs or if we were down stairs we would here it up stairs it was so scary.

When i am alone in it now i don’t here the banging but i always feel like am not alone its so freaking scary my oldest son laughs his head off at me running up the stairs because i feel like someone is there watching me ha-ha come on Beth i mean i will be 27 years old next month ha-ha..

What do you see in the doorway?

It looks like an alien to me haha x

C.A.S.P.I.R. Paranormal Team

Taken at a recent investigation. These photos have not been altered at all and were taken within seconds of each other after a noise was heard coming from the area. The lens was clean, no fans running, and HVAC system turned off. What do you see?



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where is flight MH370

My heart goes out to the family of the the people on the missing plane and all we can do is hold on to hope that they are all ok. It still remains a mystery to the plane vanishing. Nine nations have joined in the search 34 airplanes  and 40 ships are looking for it there is also still mystery surrounding the true identities of some of the passengers on there. FBI are scanning the database of the two men who had stolen passports but are yet to find out who they are.They say terrorism is unlikely. I read on one news report that the family’s are getting very angry and one person started throwing plastic bottles and shouting at airlines officials which is understandable. Lets just carry on hoping and praying for all the family’s and the people on the plane.