Inside New Jersey’s Abandoned Greystone Psychiatric Hospital with Zhenya Grinshteyn

Streets Dept

DSC_7078 DSC_7107 DSC_7254 DSC_7132 DSC_7319 DSC_7155 DSC_7168 DSC_7329 DSC_7190 DSC_7058

(Photos by Zhenya Grinshteyn)

Amazing, AMAZING photos today from by photographer Zhenya Grinshteyn exploring the soon-to-be demolished Greystone Psychiatric Hospital in Morris Plains, New Jersey.

Check out more photos, and some background on the buildings, below…

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  1. Wonderful post! It goes well with your post about being afraid. Buildings always seem to die when people no longer live or work in them. They don’t leave us so quickly. They linger and we begin to imagine all the lives that were lived out in the rooms. What would this building tell us about those lives that would frighten us? Or redeem us. (Thank you for visiting my blog.)

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