Inside New Jersey’s Abandoned Greystone Psychiatric Hospital with Zhenya Grinshteyn

Streets Dept

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(Photos by Zhenya Grinshteyn)

Amazing, AMAZING photos today from by photographer Zhenya Grinshteyn exploring the soon-to-be demolished Greystone Psychiatric Hospital in Morris Plains, New Jersey.

Check out more photos, and some background on the buildings, below…

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Age 4

MUMMY I cried when will daddy be home  “he’s working late tonight love go back to bed ( somehow I new he was gone ) I remember being in bed crying for him. before daddy went I remember my life being like a real family I have some good memory they soon start to turn to bad ones from about the age of 7 I remember people lots of people in my house I’d cry in my room thinking the police were going to come and take us all to jail as much as my mum tried to hide it I always new there were drugs down stairs I hated mum I hated her so much we had gone from being the great little family to this horrible life a house full of people there all the time in and out like it was there home music on so load I couldn’t sleep mum had a different boyfriend every week I lost track of who they were..I had to grow up fast learn how to look after my self I was. Drinking and smoking weed by the age of  11 then at the age of 12 my mum went to jail for
dealing..that a different story…