I did it

Today was my first day in the gym and i loved it.I only did 20 mins as i have never been before but i felt it working i went on the bike for 10 mins and the mmmm i cant think what it is called but it was like a walking bike machine haha if that makes sense well i spent 10mins on that. It was full of hot men which was a little embarrassing as when i had done my last 10 mins on the bike i jumped off and almost fell on my ass my legs had turned to jelly but in a strange way i liked the feeling, after a few mins my butt started to burn iv never felt that feeling but i look forward to the butt burning feeling that i am sure i will feel tomorrow when i do my 45 mins work out i want to do some work on my arms tomorrow. So far this year is great on new year i made a promise to my self that this year would be about become a better peerson in all aspects of my life i want to be a better mummy i want to be healthy i want to be dept free work my burning butt off at college and i will do it i have a very very good feeling this is goin to be the year of my new life the fresh start i have been working towards for the last 2 years now that all the hard stuff that i was going though is over and the person who was causeing it all is out of my life all the pain and heartache is in the past i finely feel like iv let it all go i feel like am surrounded by fresh new energy and it feels good. HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY


  1. Your post inspired me to get moving again. I used to go to the gym all the time, but then I had my third child, my writing passion took over and going to the gym became a thing of the past. I am now ready to get back on it again. Thanks for your post and I hope you’re still getting your work out on :-).

  2. First of all thanks for “following” me at “faithsighanddiy.com”. I am thrilled to read you are from Wales. My very best friend was born there. My husband and I visited there about ten years ago. What a beautiful country you live in. Keep up the exercise. I excercise daily at home and it really help my mood not to mention my health.

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