how do u no when you are in love real love iv been in love twice  or  i think i have at the time ifelt like i loved the boys that i was with i say boys coz they acted like boys most of the time anyway now i dont feel nothing for them and i feel if you really love someone that love will never die for them so how can you tell when you are in love? And what was it that i felt for them?

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  1. I believe that love comes to us in many forms. For example, our love for our children; our love for our parents; our love for our pets. When it comes to romance, love and lust can be difficult to separate – especially in our youth. A very important lesson that I had to learn the hard way (i.e. two divorces from unfaithful men) is that it is imperative for lasting love, to become friends, first, rather than to act on feelings of attraction.) I’d had a history of being attracted to the handsome bad-boy types. Attraction is fun and it’s exhilarating, and even addictive. But it doesn’t last long when there are bills that can’t be paid, children who are getting sick leading to enormous medical bills, and the other everyday life sorts of problems. Once the attraction is gone in a relationship that is based upon attraction, what’s left? NOTHING! My husband and I became very good friends right from the start. He wasn’t the “hottie” that my previous two husbands had been. Thus, for an attraction to develop, I had to get to know him well, and allow the attraction to stem from our friendship, and to grow over time. Consequently, when those old everyday problems that become overwhelming when stacked one-upon-the-next one become too heavy, we always have our deep friendship to fall back upon! It really works! Warm regards, ~JC

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