My life

So life is back to normal as from tomorrow  kids back in school  me back in college.Im goin to miss my 3 beautyfull babys iv had themost amazeing time with them.this year i really want to get my life in order the last few years had been pretty shit and the olny thing that kept me goin was my kids, last year  was the start of changeing that and this year is goin to be the same olny this year i really want to make mine and my kids life better imgoin to work my ars off in college i want to live a healthier life i want find my self find out who i am cause i really have no idea who i aam when i ask myself who am i my mind gose blank iv been thougth alot in my 26 years and i no that i am strong very strong i can cope with everything that life throws at me although sometimes i think iv just blocked out the pain and im hangin onto old  emotion that is just draging me down i think maybe that is the first thing i need to sort out but how do i let go? do i need to open up and think about everything in orderto let it go i really dont no…..

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