I want to help

I really really want to set up a chairty for homeless people but where to i start i dont no the first hingi would need to do all i no is i really want to help them iv always wanted to do it but even more now and that is because i seen how thankfull a homeless man was when i brougth him and his little puppy some food and water i got a big bagfull of food for himself and for his lovely puppy i felt so good after it but also really sad for him and others like him why is there even homeless in this day and age its not rigth im not ricde very far from it but i still want to help but how where do i start i cant do it out my own money so i need to raise money somehow maybe run a maroton (sorry  i really cantthink if i have spelt that rigth)


  1. You can volunteer at a homeless shelter a few hours a week if you have the time. this way you will have a better idea where your own skills can best fit ti really help them. Thank you for being so concerned with people who have been “thrown away” by society.

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