I did it

Today was my first day in the gym and i loved it.I only did 20 mins as i have never been before but i felt it working i went on the bike for 10 mins and the mmmm i cant think what it is called but it was like a walking bike machine haha if that makes sense well i spent 10mins on that. It was full of hot men which was a little embarrassing as when i had done my last 10 mins on the bike i jumped off and almost fell on my ass my legs had turned to jelly but in a strange way i liked the feeling, after a few mins my butt started to burn iv never felt that feeling but i look forward to the butt burning feeling that i am sure i will feel tomorrow when i do my 45 mins work out i want to do some work on my arms tomorrow. So far this year is great on new year i made a promise to my self that this year would be about become a better peerson in all aspects of my life i want to be a better mummy i want to be healthy i want to be dept free work my burning butt off at college and i will do it i have a very very good feeling this is goin to be the year of my new life the fresh start i have been working towards for the last 2 years now that all the hard stuff that i was going though is over and the person who was causeing it all is out of my life all the pain and heartache is in the past i finely feel like iv let it all go i feel like am surrounded by fresh new energy and it feels good. HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY


how do u no when you are in love real love iv been in love twice  or  i think i have at the time ifelt like i loved the boys that i was with i say boys coz they acted like boys most of the time anyway now i dont feel nothing for them and i feel if you really love someone that love will never die for them so how can you tell when you are in love? And what was it that i felt for them?

first day of normal

Well iv done it i woke up not when my alarm went off but still woke up in plenty of time to write this and get me and the kidy winks ready for  school and college..so far am haveing a stress free morning maybe thats coz the kidy winks are sitting down in front of the telly eating there breakfast..It willlsoon be time to go too college to spend another day with some very imature boys and girls some of them are really nice but a few and olny a few of the boys act like my 10 year old olny much more disrepectfull one thing i can count on my boy for is his manners..well i cant sit on here any longer college awaits..

I want to help

I really really want to set up a chairty for homeless people but where to i start i dont no the first hingi would need to do all i no is i really want to help them iv always wanted to do it but even more now and that is because i seen how thankfull a homeless man was when i brougth him and his little puppy some food and water i got a big bagfull of food for himself and for his lovely puppy i felt so good after it but also really sad for him and others like him why is there even homeless in this day and age its not rigth im not ricde very far from it but i still want to help but how where do i start i cant do it out my own money so i need to raise money somehow maybe run a maroton (sorry  i really cantthink if i have spelt that rigth)

My life

So life is back to normal as from tomorrow  kids back in school  me back in college.Im goin to miss my 3 beautyfull babys iv had themost amazeing time with them.this year i really want to get my life in order the last few years had been pretty shit and the olny thing that kept me goin was my kids, last year  was the start of changeing that and this year is goin to be the same olny this year i really want to make mine and my kids life better imgoin to work my ars off in college i want to live a healthier life i want find my self find out who i am cause i really have no idea who i aam when i ask myself who am i my mind gose blank iv been thougth alot in my 26 years and i no that i am strong very strong i can cope with everything that life throws at me although sometimes i think iv just blocked out the pain and im hangin onto old  emotion that is just draging me down i think maybe that is the first thing i need to sort out but how do i let go? do i need to open up and think about everything in orderto let it go i really dont no…..