While I was unable to sleep last night I watched a bit if the news and seen that there is a storm the other side of the world to me.i really hope everyone is ok and noone gets hurt 💜💙💚
Well I have just read something that made me cry the death of a mother and child are among those dead in the strom the poor poor lady and child have drowned R.I.P.ALso a boy had passed away after being hit by lighting its awful I really hope no one else gets hurt and people stay as safe as they thoughts wiill be with those lost and the people suffering at the hands if the strom all day.💜💙💚💖💜


  1. When I get a like, I try and look back at who it came from. Thank you. I saw your picture (beautiful family!), and then read your first post below. And it stopped me in my tracks. Not many do that nowadays! Made me stop. Made me think. Made me think how easy it is to write words I am comfortable with. To read words I am comfortable with. But your words were outside my comfort zone. And sitting here wanting to say a few words – and not knowing how, I now see and appreciate a beautiful piece of writing. All of it. And some honesty from me:

    I thought I was coming here to say a quick thank you. But I have been here longer than I expected mulling things over. Thinking. Because your words have changed me. I didn’t expect that. Which says a lot about me and the words I write. You have pushed back my comfort zone a little more with your words. And I need to say a big THANK YOU for that.

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